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Mike Ladouceur’s debut solo album, Between Worlds, is an immersive experience that takes the listener on a cosmic journey. It explores themes of loss and recovery, and blurs the line between orchestral and ambient electronic textures to find a new clarity. The album was recorded with a chamber orchestra and female choir.

“Between Worlds has meant everything to me. I’ve been able to write through some personal traumas and find my voice on the other side. It’s also been a chance to bring my music to life with so many musicians who I’ve looked up to and admired. The project has become so much bigger than I could’ve imagined and I’m constantly humbled by this.”

On Wednesday 28 August, Mike welcomed guests from the arts and creative industries to the Album Preview at The Hospital Club in London. Artwork was specially commissioned for the album and a video display made, and these were both displayed in an exhibition gallery at the Preview whilst guests listened to the Between Worlds music through headphones.


+ Artwork

American artist, musician and teacher, Nick Denman, has created this collection of artwork especially for the Between Worlds project. Nick holds degrees in both Art and Music, and for this project brought together his life-long passion for both subjects together with his great love of meditation.

Diving deep into Mike’s music, he adopted the process of Automatic Drawing – he listened to Mike’s music and reflected on it in a meditative state, during which time he allowed his hand to move freely over the canvas drawing charcoal lines. Afterwards he found different shapes and symbols within the lines, and then filled them in with colours to produce the artworks you see today.

“Everybody that looks at it will see something different – almost like watching clouds. It is directly connected to the music and I think the works are so well suited to it. This is an amazing collaboration that we have together.” Mike Ladouceur

+ Video Installation

A video of breath-taking landscapes and space scenes was developed alongside Nick Denman’s artwork, and is another element of the Between Worlds experience to be enjoyed whilst listening to Mike’s music.

“I find it really inspiring as I immerse myself simultaneously in the music, the artwork and this video. It makes me reflect on the enormity of our planet and connects me to the vast universe and everything in it.” Mike Ladouceur

The space shots are from NASA’s photography taken from satellites around our solar system. The beautiful shots taken on earth are from drone footage filmed by Phillip Whiteman. The landscapes look quite other-worldly, and the wide open space show the enormity and diversity of our own planet.

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Mike Ladouceur is an American composer working in film and tv, blending orchestral and ambient electronic textures

Renowned conductor and orchestrator Jeff Atmajian has described Mike’s work to be “like listening to a beautiful impressionist painting”. The sound is constructed from many intricate lines and textures that combine to create a rapturous force, taking you on a journey of self-discovery. Mike’s diverse sonic palette allows the listener to become entranced in a meditative state accessing a deep range of emotions.

Most recently, Mike recorded his debut solo album, Between Worlds, which will be published by Warp Publishing. The album explores themes of loss and recovery, blurring the line between orchestral and ambient electronic textures to find a new clarity. It was recorded by a 42 piece orchestra and was showcased as part of an immersive art installation in London this year.

He contributes to the musical community as an educator teaching both the undergraduate and Master’s level curriculum in film music with a post at the Royal College of Music and Cambridge University.

Mike has written music for a number of films and TV shows including DATELINE NBC and Aurora Fearnley’s epic Sci-fi PULSAR (Starring David Gyasi and Jessie Buckley)

He has also written additional music and arrangements for various projects with composer Lorne Balfe such as Master Moley (Gemma Arterton, Charles Dance, Julie Walters, Warwick Davis) and has orchestrated for many films and TV shows, most recently including Brad Pitt’s space adventure AD ASTRA, as well as HIS DARK MATERIALS (HBO/BBC).

Additionally, Mike has worked in the music department for a range of projects including MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT (PARAMOUNT), THE EMOJI MOVIE (SONY), CALL THE MIDWIFE (BBC, EMMY nominated).


The Guardian

Syracuse Post Standard

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Ambient Electronic pop

by Mike Ladouceur
  • 3:20
    Mike Ladouceur
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    Mike Ladouceur
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    Mike Ladouceur
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Film Music

by Mike Ladouceur

Immersive Performances



Co-commissioned by Internet 2 and The New World Symphony, ONE is an experimental short film that draws connections between architectural patterns, musical figures and natural disorder in a search for harmony.

Original Music composed and conducted by Mike Ladouceur


Directed by Aurélien Krieger & Marco Jemolo

Produced by Aurélien Krieger

Cinematography & Editing by Marco Jemolo


The Infinite Bridge


The Infinite Bridge is an original theatre show that was performed from 4 different countries simultaneously and in synchronization. With the use of cutting edge streaming technology, we were able to create a visually stunning and immersive performance across cultures and practices.

The show uses new orchestral music, theatre, dance and digital technologies to tell the story of a Talia, a young girl trapped in a mundane existence who escapes into her dream world. The Infinite Bridge is an evolving artistic venture that explores hybrid forms of story-telling and aims to engage the audience into a unique emotional journey.

Written & Directed by Peter Cox

Produced by Michael Ladouceur and Aurélien Krieger

Co-Produced by The Royal College of Music


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